Hills Behind My House

hills behind my house

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Into the Development
into the development
Fuck All Construction
fuck all construction
Grey Cliffs of Sand
grey cliffs of sand
Oh, It Says Fuck All Constrio
oh, it says fuck all constrio
Tracks and Treads
tracks and treads
Little Bushes Made of Brush
little bushes made of brush
The Climber
the climber
New Roads to Old Paths
new roads to old paths
Fireweakened Blow Down
fireweakened blow down
Remove Hills to Make Ramps
remove hills to make ramps
The Valleys Flourish
the valleys flourish
Cuts in the Earth
cuts in the earth
Three Burnt Trees
three burnt trees
The First Sentinal
the first sentinal
Burnt Trees and Grass
burnt trees and grass
Burnt Trees and Grass
burnt trees and grass
The Second Sentinal
the second sentinal
Down the River Towards the City
down the river towards the city
The Sentinal Looks Across the River
the sentinal looks across the river
A Dead Tree Stands in a Field
a dead tree stands in a field
But It's not Alone
but it's not alone
Strawberry Hill
strawberry hill
The River is Low
the river is low
Sandbars and Hillsides
sandbars and hillsides
Fallen Trees in Fields of Grass
fallen trees in fields of grass
Fallen Trees in Fields of Grass
fallen trees in fields of grass
The Twisted Branches of an Old Tree
the twisted branches of an old tree
Like an Old Man Stretching
like an old man stretching
A Fort in the Distance
a fort in the distance
The Construction Continues
the construction continues
The Homefires Are Not Burning
the homefires are not burning
Ain't No Thing
ain't no thing
Over the Sierra Plains to the Widow Maker
over the sierra plains to the widow maker
Two Trees Down the Valley
two trees down the valley
The Constuction Continues
the constuction continues
The Hooded Climber
the hooded climber
Revealed to be David Charbonneau
revealed to be david charbonneau
Jumping Cacti
jumping cacti
Tracks and Treads
tracks and treads
Machines in Relief
machines in relief
Little Hoodoo
little hoodoo
The Twisting Treads
the twisting treads
Birch Grow on the Gentle Hillside
birch grow on the gentle hillside