Snowcovered At Dusk

snowcovered at dusk

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Separated by the Road
separated by the road
In the Cold Grey
in the cold grey
The Earth Attempts Lightning
the earth attempts lightning
It Bristles
it bristles
And They Cower
and they cower
1908 Gently Knocks
1908 gently knocks
And the Hills Answer
and the hills answer
Forward, Through and Over
forward, through and over
By the Tree the Cows Sleep Under
by the tree the cows sleep under
Across to the City
across to the city
Around the Bend
around the bend
Train Tracks Cut the Horizon
train tracks cut the horizon
The Dike Cuts the Diagonal
the dike cuts the diagonal
The Winding White
the winding white
We Descend Towards It
we descend towards it
Down a White Trail
down a white trail
To Recitation Rock
to recitation rock
On Recitation Rock
on recitation rock
From Recitation Rock
from recitation rock
And Step Closer to the City
and step closer to the city