Vancouver Fog

vancouver fog

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The Fog Comes
the fog comes
Jervis and Harwood
jervis and harwood
Looking Across to Vanier
looking across to vanier
Into the Mist
into the mist
Geese and Ducks in English Bay
geese and ducks in english bay
Silouetted Against Granville Island
silouetted against granville island
In a Peacoat and Beret
in a peacoat and beret
The Edge of the Shore
the edge of the shore
Burrard Street Bridge
burrard street bridge
Stowed Kayaks
stowed kayaks
Trees and Masts
trees and masts
Winding Bands of Algae
winding bands of algae
Tuna at False Creek
tuna at false creek
Crab Boats
crab boats
Crab Traps
crab traps
Moored at False Creek
moored at false creek
Strike Force
strike force
Into the Harbour Authority
into the harbour authority
Granville Island in the Mist
granville island in the mist